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The Game

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Atlas Wept is a retro style pixel art RPG that mixes turn based combat with bullet hell actions and tells a humanist story about sincerity and empathy, featuring friendly robot dogs and evil smiley faces.

AW Collection

Explore the worlds of two separate casts of characters embarked upon their own unique quests. Alternating back and forth, chapter to chapter, as their seemingly unrelated stories creep closer and closer together and provide a dual perspective of a complex world.  

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Engage in semi-turn based combat in which enemy attacks take the form of bullet-hell style mini games.

Customize your teams by collecting Stamps to upgrade their stats and abilities (once applied, Stamps cannot be removed, please stamp responsibly).


"Sincerity is the death of cynicism."


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Dezi and Charlie discover a sinister force that has infiltrated the minds of the people of their world, eroding their identities and desires and filling them with a hollow sense of complacency. Seeking answers, they embark upon a quest of discovery to uncover the truth of where these creatures come from and what they could possibly want from humanity. A journey that will lead them through a world of danger and mystery, one where ancient truths do not wish to be found…

Hal and Lucy discover a mysterious dog-like machine named Gigi and agree to help him to recover his missing pieces. However, they soon learn that helping their new friend will require them to uncover a series of dark and dangerous secrets of their world’s history, and force them into a conflict with forces beyond their imagination…

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Learn what hides behind beyond the curtain of society as the mystery that unities these to stories slowly becomes clear.

Survive the dangers that sleep below us all, as 'he who holds the ground up to your feet' begins to stir...


"I merely created the world, who am I to judge it?"



Combat in Atlas Wept uses a modified Turn Based System in which characters take turns when a progress bar fills up at a speed based on their Haste Stat. After their turn the bar will reset and need to fill again before they can take their next turn. This will result in faster characters being allowed to take more turns than slower ones and for clever players to plan ahead and take risks based on who’s up next.


Enemies have a Stun Bar that will slowly fill as they receive damage, especially from Magic Attacks. Once full, the foe will become Stunned and will be unable to fight back until the bar has drained. Stunned enemies are far more vulnerable to damage, and are particularly vulnerable to Melee damage.

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When a Player Character takes damage it will appear in the form of a red bar (called the Panic Bar). This will slowly drain out in real time, giving the Player the chance to act quickly to heal before it empties and the character is KO'd.


Enemy attacks initiate a short bullet-hell style mini game in which the player must dodge a wave of projectiles. The amount of damage the Player Character receives is based on how many hits they take in this section, with potential to cancel the attack entirely should the player finish the wave unscathed. 

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"Have you any idea how heavy the world truly is?"

Coming to Steam January 17th 2024!!

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Atlas Wept is currently complete and ready for release this upcoming January 17th! 

About the Developer

Hi! I'm Robbie Charlotte Lee and I am the solo dev on this project. I am a transgender woman in my early 30's and I was a Senior Software Engineer at the Walt Disney Company for 10+ years until I decided to quit in 2021 to try and pursue my passion of indie game development full time.

Currently, I live in Los Angeles California with my beautiful dog Toki.

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